Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Wow 2012 was amazing for me! I was blessed with my beautiful daughter! I also had some losses this year, both my grandma and grandfather passed. But I know that they are together and happy.

So with this new year and being a new mom I have so many thoughts! Here is my small list of New Years Resolutions:

- Exercise every day ~ even if it just getting out of the house to walk the dog!
- Teach my daughter each day ~ read to her, talk to her, get her mind going.
- Take my vitamins ~ I am so bad at taking vitamins, I despise the taste and how it makes my tummy feels. But since I am breast feeding I need the nutrients.
- Eat better ~ I am a pretty healthy eater but I need to avoid dairy!
- Start a business ~ I just need to stick with something! I will keep you updated on what that is soon :)
And lastly...
- Blog everyday ~ yes I try to do this all the time but always fail, so I am going to find a subject for my blog and stick to it!

Back to New Years here are so pictures from the day:

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 2 & 3!

Haha of course already I am lagging on this challenge!

So today I have a combo of day 2 & 3

Day 2:

I am packing my hospital bag! Woo hoo!

So here is the original post -

So I like that she put down the stuff that she didn't end up needing... However this is what I am bringing...

I have Bailey-Grae's bag packed separately
- pacifier
- night gowns (2)
- mittens for her nails
- 5 diapers (I know that the hospital will have these)
- Aden + Anis swaddle blanket
- warm blanket for car seat
- burp cloth
- onesie for going home
- baby beanie

My bag:
- robe
- slippers
- face wipes
- waterproof mascara since I know I will be a bawling mess!
- baby book for foot prints
- cell phone/ iPad charger
- toiletries
- nursing night gown
- 2 nursing tanks
- maternity undies
- super pads!

So I will let you know when I get home what I actually used ;)

Oh and as you can see below little gidget didn't want me to pack...

Now Day 3:

Here is the original post:

So I figured with all this baby talk its time to give some love to the man who helped me make this baby :)

So this pin is 7 ways to be your spouse's best friend

1. Have fun together - so I try to do this every day. Wether we are just laying in bed watching tv or out and about. It so important to laugh with your partner.

2. Get excited about the things they get excited about! - so I never thought I would ever be with someone who rode a motorcycle but yet here I am, I actually enjoy it! Actually I have been missing it since I got pregnant. Even when we watch motorcycle documentaries I ask questions to get involved :)

3. Know their story, their weaknesses, their fears…and love them anyway. - so with this one it's a little different... My husband and I got married very quick and as cliche as it is "when you know, you know" so I get to know him everyday :) we have been together for 3 years now, yet I learn new things about him everyday.

4. Make them feel good about themselves! - I always tell my husband how sexy he is and when he does good at work or around the house I always praise him :)

5. Call out the best in them. - it is so important to point out your partners best qualities and not their worst. They criticize themselves enough.

6. Extend grace & forgiveness - I never stay upset at my husband, it is so bad for the relationship to hold a grudge! I have seen this first hand with my parents!

7. Put them first! - a good friend of mine mad a great speech at my girlfriends wedding recently and she said "remember that before your a parent, friend, co- worker, etc you are first Husband and Wife" best advice! As I approach parenthood I need to remember to put my husband first!

<3 Candace

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1!

Okay here we are! Day one of my 30 days of Pinterest!

So for those of you who know me I am in my 40th week of pregnancy and still no baby :( so the first few days of this project will most likely be about getting baby out or preparing for baby (sorry).

So today I will be doing a pin about how to induce labor naturally from home. And fingers crossed it works!

So here is the first Pin

40 Ways to induce Labor Naturally
1. Acupressure - I went to the nail salon and got a foot massage as well as a pedicure (I need nice toes for the delivery room), while she was rubbing my feet I was massaging the skin between my thumb and forefinger. RESULT: nothing

2. Balsamic Vinegar - So tonight for dinner I made pasta with balsamic vinegar, basil and oregano. RESULT: nothing
3. Bananas - My bananas weren't ripe enough :( so I will try this later this week.
4. Basil - see #2

5. Black/Blue Cohosh - I have researched this and the effects looked a little scary so I am not going to risk it.
6. Borage seed oil - So since I am already taking primrose oil I don't want to take too many herbs. I am just going to stick with the primrose oil and red raspberry leaf tea.
7. Bouncing on birth/exercise ball - I started doing this last night and I got some contractions but they must have been Braxton hicks since no baby today. RESULT: nothing

8. Bumpy car ride - Okay somy complex has tons of speed bumps, so you bet that I ran over those puppies at full speed :) RESULT: nothing :(

9. Castor oil - I have researched this online and there are too many risks - once I get to 41weeks I may try this.
10. Chinese food - So this is one of the first things that I tried last week. A girl I work with tried this with her daughter and she had her 9 days early. It is the MSG in the food that is suppose to induce. RESULT: nothing but a bad tummy ach :(

11. Clary sage oil - Couldn't find this at my local sprouts :(
12. Dancing - My husband laughed when I started doing this... Epically since I was dancing to Christmas music ( it makes me think she is coming soon) RESULT: nothing
13. Dates - ugh I find these repulsive but tonight I blended them in a smoothie with some vanilla ice cream for desert. RESULT: nothing

14. Eggplant - I went to Trader Joe's today looking for this in the frozen food section, as I don't have the patience or time to make it from scratch. RESULT: couldn't find it :(
15. Evening primrose oil - Okay so I have been taking this orally on and off since 36 weeks - I am going to try the suggestion of putting it "up there" tonight so I will update this tomorrow with my result :) RESULT: nothing

16. Galloping - So I tried doing this in my condo and I am sure I pissed off my downstairs neighbors! But I wasn't about to do this outside haha RESULT: nothing
17. Glass of Wine - Haven't had any alcohol while I have been pregnant and I am not about to start now!
18. Golden seal - See #6
19. Kneeling on all fours - Tried this and it didn't make the baby come but it did feel good so I will keep it up. RESULT: nothing but a better back :)
20. Licorice - Ugh I hate licorice! So this is a no go for me.
21. Mandarin oil on heels - Had the lady at the nail salon try this. RESULT: nothing.
22. Massage - Had my husband help with this since I got nothing from it (go figure) but I will be going to one on Monday if she doesn't come by then
23. Motherwort - See #6
24. Nipple stimulation - Tried this myself but didn't get anywhere so tomorrow I am going to try it with my pump.
25. Oregano - See #2
26. Orgasm - Tried this (alone as my husband is freaked out since the Dr. Said " her head is right there" ) RESULT: nothing :(
27. Pineapple -
28. Quinine - Not quite sure how it works but I've read that it is used in various countries - either pill or liquid form.
29. Raspberry leaf - I have been drinking this tea for about two weeks straight. I asked my Doctor and she said it couldn't hurt so I bought a new box today. RESULT: nothing but I am interested to see if it helps with labor.

30. Relaxation excercises - Try some relaxing music and just lie back or even join a meditation class.
31. Sperm - Unfortunately this is a no go since my husband is freaked out (see #26)
32.Spicy food -
33. Squats - Doing a few of these each day often helps to move the baby down and into position.
34. Squaw Vine - Old remedy. Not sure how well it works.
35. Stretch and sweep of membranes - So I had a doctor apt yesterday and asked her to do this, she did my exam and said she couldn't reach my membranes since I am only 1 cm dilated :(
36. Swimming - Relaxed swimming can help bring out the baby - both the water and the movement help.
37. Swinging on a swing - couldn't find a swing anywhere :(
38. Thyme Tea - Worth a try!
39. Visualisation excercises - Many women swear by these. Try making a recording of yourself talking about the baby moving down, preparing to be born etc or just imagine it in your head.
40. Walking - This morning my husband, dog, and I took a nice long walk around Dana Point Harbor. RESULT: nothing :(

41. Walking up/down stairs - I am lucky enough to have stairs in my condo, that ironically lead up to the nursery... So needless to say I have been up and down these bad boys about 5-10 times a day

42. Yoga - Many places offer special classes for all st

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30 days of Pinning!

So just in time for the Holiday season I thought I would try a little challenge :)

Starting November 1st I will be doing 30 days of pinning - I will be grabbing recipes, DIY, etc and trying them my self to see how they really work! I will also be posting step by step (photo) instructions so that way if you like what you see it will be easy to do it yourself :)

Happy pinning!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day weekend

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!! Such an important day, I personally have family in the service and am so thankful they are safe. So for the families that have given us their men and women, Thank You!

So this weekend I was in havasu with friends and family

Here is my husband attempting to wake board

Our first belly photo together :)

The sunsets were amazing

This is my girlfriend's cat Mista Man! Such a fun cat (Bengal)

Mountains in the morning

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


While I am not quite "nesting" yet during my pregnancy I feel as though I have been nesting my entire life! I am so excited to be a mother, it's a feeling and gift nothing else in life can give you.

So of course doing my nesting consists of:
- cross stitching a stocking for my husband
- painting the baby room
- closing off to loft to make it a "room" for the baby
- getting the registry together

And so much more!

After searching the web I don't feel like there is an all encompassing blog for Orange County moms.. Maybe even an app?!? So that is my new focus - to bring you the things to do, try, taste, and explore - because being a mom is such an adventure you should never be in a slump :)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Healthy Start

Okay so I'm starting what everyone else started weeks ago! The thing is my husband left this morning for a trip to Mexico so I have two weeks to get my (big) butt into shape!

I went on a rather small walk today with my dog Gidget

She didn't quite make it ;)

For breakfast I had a cup of oatmeal (whole oats, none of that processed crap) half a grapefruit and 16oz fresh juice...

Which consisted of carrots, celery, apples, grapefruit, and green grapes! Delish!

So here's hoping by the time my hubby comes homey body is in this shape...

What I wore Today -

Missoni Top, Forever21 Vest & Pants, Michael Kors Watch... oh and No makeup and hair in a bun! Why bother husband is gone ;)

And Steve Madden Flats
Look what came in the mail today! Love ShoeMint!

<3 Candace